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 Kingdom Of Hope.

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Kingdom Of Hope. Empty
PostSubject: Kingdom Of Hope.   Kingdom Of Hope. EmptySun Nov 15, 2009 5:39 am

Kingdom Of Hope. Castlefantasy
Kingdom of Hope

Within the walls of Ethai a terrifying sea of doubt caused by those who are even higher than the king himself causes chaos between the people who live within the ‘Kingdom of Hope’, a named given to Ethai by the outsiders who pass the glorious pure white walls and stare in awe at its beauty far more glorious to even be compared with any other kingdom in the lands.

Known put never spoken about are the true people who rule Ethai, the King is only one of their many puppets used to reinforce their will. They have no names only called by the number of which they joined, I, II, III etc. The number of members is another mystery, they are given the nickname ‘Unknown’.

“But how do we know if they are even doing the best for the kingdom? Perhaps they are in fact sending this place to its death”.

Kingdom Of Hope. Fantasy_Bar_Brawl_by_chriss2d
Hot Hog

The Kingdom of Hope’s Tavern, 'Hot Hog'. Famous for the female bartenders succulent honey roast, the best you could ever find.
This half way house is where many people often question the theories spreading around the Kingdom, the only place they dare to open their mouths knowing that the only trouble caused is friendly fighting between the drunken workers on their night off, or else when Bessie, the female bartender finally gets annoyed with the both sober and drunk comments often offering ‘ a night you wont forget’, this normally ends up with them fools out, thrown onto the street.
However on the second night of the first full moon in November a secret meeting is being held within one of the reserved rooms within the Inn, one that lies right at the back, known to only those who know of the word that must be whispered to Bessie in order to gain entery.

This is where the 'Tempest' meet, a group who actually believes the myths about the 'Unknown'. They've noticed the changes among the years and aren't impressed by how much fear now fills the hearts of the townsfolk. They are rebels, some only wanting to cause trouble for the knights or the actual kingdom of which they want revenge for, those who seek to 'play' heroes, and those who care for Ethai. They want to save Ethai from the terror the 'Unknown' are plunging this glorious Kingdom into, by force.

On the first Moon in November the word has gotten around for anyone who is willing to stand up to the Kingdom to sign their name up in the 'Hot Hog'. And the night has finally come.

Character name:
Appearance (Can use picture if wanted):

(To use if no picture, or if picture isn't deteailed enough)
Eye Colour:
Hair colour & Style:
Lower half:


The UnknownKingdom Of Hope. Sword-Left-icon - A secret group, one which control it's puppet's, one being the King himself, the religious symbols, the Knights & armies etc. They wish to gain complete control over Ethai, eventually causing it to grow until it is the most powerful Kingdom all around by the means of destroying every other Kingdom, Town, small villages.
Members aren't given names by the means of keeping it utterly secretive, no personal life is involved in Unknown. If you have a family you are forced to leave them, utter any word about the organization and expect to see your families blood smeared over your bed sheets as your awake to their slaughtered corpses.
Their isn't any individuality in this group, and therefore are known by the numbered you are registered with.

The TempestKingdom Of Hope. Sword-Left-icon - A rebellious group of members which have willing signed up to fight for Ethai to save it for the doom they believe its being twisted and sent into. They need to gain members to improve their chance, however they have other ways of succeeding. Gaining the trust of other Kingdoms and preparing them for the on coming forces that are approaching fast.

Rules:Kingdom Of Hope. Sword-Left-icon
1. No GMing.
2. Proper grammar please, no chat speak.
3. No one liners.
4. Have fun! ....or else.... ¬¬
5. And also sorry if there is any spelling mistake in this, I got tired _-_
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Kingdom Of Hope.
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