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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:20 am

- Do not spam (post useless posts/threads). The definition of spam is loose, but there is definitely a line which should not be crossed. Go by the general guideline, if in doubt whether you are spamming, don't post it! Staying on topic is essential. A spammy post might lead to a total off-topic situation, which will, in high percentages, provoke the closing of a thread. Just say something if you know it is worth saying, and if you would like to chit-chat, please refer to the Web Families Section of the forums. Also, we have a forum for spamming so if you feel you want to spam, then by all means go right ahead in that section.

- Do not beg or constantly ask to be Mod. you can ask to be a moderator but you have to show that you know how to do the job. Don't just ask to be on the staff team and just to have powers bc i will deny your request. Also, do NOT constantly ask to be a moderator over and over again. If you get denied the first time, then just accept it and show me that you can really do the job and then i may take in your offer. (The different teams on the forums like Design Team etc, do not pertain to this rule. You can ask to be on a certain team but you have to ask that team leader, and then he/she will contact me and we will discuss it.)

- No advertising other websites. This means no advertising other links to forums on this site anywhere. If i see it happening, there will be a ban immediately.

- No double posting.
This means, posting once and then posting to your own reply or thread without other members posting in between. If you accidentally double post by pressing the “Post” button twice, please delete the duplicate post. Remember, the Edit Button is your friend!

- No racism, sexism, homophobia or similar discrimination. This will not be tolerated. We live in a far too developed society for such arcane ways of treating people to be allowed.

- Do not flame other users inside the community. Flaming is abusing or being mean to another user for whatever reason. If you have a problem with someone, ignore them. If that doesn't work, PM a moderator! Starting a flaming fight or argue inside a thread will lead to an Infraction to the members involved. As soon as you see someone flaming/cursing a member, just do not get involved, and simply let a Moderator know. If you feel someone has been rude to you, but it has been unintentionally, fix it politely with the person via Private Message, as long as you do not start a fuss.

- Do not post obscene or inappropriate images on these forums (porn, hentai, etc...). If you see such an offense, PM a moderator IMMEDIATELY and we will deal with the situation, don't try to handle it yourself. As for the offender, if the transgression is bad enough, action can and will be taken against said user. (This also means not to post links to websites that contain hentai/porn and what-not. This will be dealt with the same way.)

- Evading a ban by creating another account will lead to permanent (and we mean permanent) ban from the forums, meaning you creating another account will not be enough to return to the forums anymore. You will not be able to come back even if you create over a million accounts. So watch out, and deal with the pain if you misbehave.

- No impersonating another user by hacking into his/her account. If we find out about trouble being caused by a member that has been impersonating another one, the consequence will turn into a severe measure towards the impersonator.

- No Illegal content (e.g. copyrighted songs and videos; pirated software; ROMS; ISO's; cracks; images/porn; stolen identity information; etc) or Links or Information for obtaining illegal content is permitted. (I will allow youtube videos to be posted on here but only in the spam city section and web families.)

- No Necro-posting.This means reviving an old thread. To check whether the last post of a thread has been made recently, (meaning you are allowed to post in it) you can check the date on the top left corner of the post. Please do not revive threads that have been inactive for more than 20 days or around. Necroposting is only allowed when there is some meaningful, worthwhile posts/information to be delivered inside the thread.

- Refrain from use of adult language. We allow certain words to be used on these forums but nothing too over the top. Simple words like Damn or hell are exceptable.

-I've also given every member the privilege of having a signature and avatar of any size.
Do not go over the top with a really big image that doesnt have any meaning for it to be on here. If I happen to see a few members with a huge sig or avatar, i will remove it and ask you to get a smaller pic. If no one listens then i will set a size for both the sig and avatar.

-I will allow links in your sig. You can have your myspace, facebook, MAL, or any other things like that to be in your sig. Just don't overdo it.

I'm sure many of you know how to act on a forum so please act right! Enjoy yourselves and have fun here. Follow the rules and you'll be fine.

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Forum Rules
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